Rob Hutchison

Councillor for King’s Town District

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2018 Election

Areas of Focus

Economic Development

My approach to economic development considers the four pillars of sustainability – economic, environmental, social and cultural – pursued simultaneously in a creative sustainable balance. Strong economic, neighbourhood, environmental and heritage initiatives are important for long term community and economic development and make Kingston an attractive place to live, visit…

Parks, Arts & Community

I have worked extensively with community groups and City staff to revitalize important City and neighbourhood parks. Working with community members it was my Council motion that led to the recent revitalization of Doug Fluhrer Park, which is the biggest riverside park in north Kingston. Riverview and Friendship neighbourhood parks…


I have consistently pursued an environmentally sustainable approach to community life and development. The following illustrate my commitment to a greener King’s Town District and City. Public Transit: A key aspect of building a sustainable city is to address issues of greenhouse gas emissions. Transit moves many more people using less…

About Me

I have over a decade of experience making Kingston more livable for everyone.

I was first elected to represent King’s Town district on Nov. 13, 2006. Since then I have served on a number of City committees including: Art, Recreation and Community Policies Environment, Infrastructure and Transportation Policies Waterfront Master Plan Working Group Downtown Business Improvement Association In the community, I served on…

Future Priorities

I am deeply committed to the quality of life in our City. These are a few of my commitments to King’s Town District:

• Renew Belle Park and Richardson Beach
• Protect downtown neighbourhoods
• North King’s Town community and economic development
• Smart City high-tech job opportunities
• New affordable housings & Artists’ Co-op
• Open Government and adhere to Official Plan
• Support Senior’s discounts

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Margaret Little
From Pine Street

Please take the time to vote for Rob Hutchison. Over the years he has shown time and again to be an attentive listener to concerns in our neighbourhood. When a group of moms on Pine Street worried about the safety of their children and the neighbourhood seniors he helped us advocate for traffic calming solutions. Thanks to Rob’s efforts and support we now have a much safer street! A vote for Rob is a vote for a liveable, welcoming community where everyone will be respected.

Claire Grady-Smith
From Rideau Street

I am a busy new mom and a freelancer, and I have very little time to get groceries and do the laundry, never mind keeping up with municipal politics! A friend of mine mentioned the work Rob has been doing, and I looked him up online. I realized he's been working hard make MY life so much better: I take my new baby to Doug Fluhrer Park, Belle Island and Riverview Park practically every day. We forget how much work goes into our city from behind the scenes. That's why even though I often feel overwhelmed, I am going to take the time to vote for Rob on October 22nd.